Lexi is the newest baby on the block…quite literally; she lives across the road from us.  I was delighted that Katie and Paul asked me to capture her newborn photographs.   Lexi was born on Valentine’s Day (my oldest daughter declared that she’s the best Valentine’s gift EVER) and, so, it’s only fitting that she’s pictured sleeping on a heart themed quilt made by her paternal grandmother, Karen.   The bassinet featured in these photographs is a family heirloom, Paul and his siblings slept in it when they were babies.   The knitted blankets (and hat) in the photographs were made by Lexi’s grandmothers and the stunning woven blanket was made by a close friend at the local weaving studio.  What a lucky little girl to be offered so many beautiful gifts made by loving hands.  Lexi.3Lexi.1Lexi.2Lexi.4Lexi.5Lexi.8Lexi.9LexiLexi.10Lexi.7Lexi.6Lexi.11Lexi.18Lexi.12Lexi.13

Lexi’s preference during the shoot was to be snuggled close to the wood stove that was pumping out the most wonderful heat.  She slept so soundly.



Congratulations Katie and Paul.  We’re so excited and delighted for you x


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