Johanne + Jennifer

Johanne and Jennifer were married at White Point on a beautiful August afternoon.  They had an intimate wedding ceremony in which their sons played an active role.  Their love for one another, and their sons, is apparent in these photos.  I must admit, it was a good thing I was wearing sunglasses that day because I shed more than a few tears during their heartfelt ceremony.  There are no words that I can add  that could possibly say more than the photographs I captured…enjoy! J+J.1.bJ+J.1J+J.1aJ+J.2J+J.3J+J.4J+J.11J+J.9J+J.12J+J.13J+J.8J+J6J+J.7J+J5J+J.16J+J.24aJ+J.25J+J.26J+J.23J+J16.aJ+J23J+J22J+J.22J+J.18J+J.24J+J.17J+J.19J+J.21J+J.20



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